Public Health at Cambridge themes

Public Health Network Themes

Research relating to the health of the public is being conducted by a huge range of researchers across Cambridge in a number of different research areas. In order to bring together groups of researchers and explore potential future collaborative opportunities, the Network is establishing a series of research themes.

The five public health themes under which activities have so far been organised within the PublicHealth@Cambridge research Network are:

Round table discussion meetings have been organised under each of these initial themes, aiming to bring a diverse group of Network members together to scope out interests, expertise and future opportunities in each area.

Although the initial meetings are complete, there is always an opportunity to get involved in follow up work, whether or not you attended the initial round table discussion. Please get in touch with the Network Coordinator if you might be interested.

Ideas for future research themes are also welcome and can be sent to the Network Coordinator at any time, along with any other queries, comments or suggestions about the Network.

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