Social Analysis of Health @ Cambridge

sahnThis group is open to all those interested in the social sciences of health, illness, medicine and healthcare.

Our members include anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, epidemiologists, GPs in training and other health scientists who work dispersed across departments of the University of Cambridge and other institutions (such as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of East Anglia) on health-related research.

Reading and Discussion Group:

Our main activity is a monthly Reading and Discussion Group where members can discuss classic and contemporary social theories and approaches. The meeting brings together both junior and more senior academics who share the responsibility in choosing and presenting theoretical readings or theoretical thinking related to work in progress. The interdisciplinary group meetings provide us with networking time to establish collaborations, and peer-support to produce theoretically rigorous health research. Read our blog archive for a collection of past discussion topics.

Writing Retreats:

We also host regular writing retreats at the PostDoc Centre at Mill Lane. Usually running over three days, the retreats are organised to help social scientists have a protected space in their calendar dedicated to writing which they might not fit into their main research role.

For queries and to sign up for any retreat sessions you can contact Sally Atkinson at

Social Analysis of Health @ Cambridge is organised by Sally Atkinson, Sarah Hoare and Richard Milne, all in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care. To join the group mailing list, please fill in the form on the right hand side or get in touch with Sarah at

We are affiliated with the Applied Social Science Group at the Primary Care Unit of the Cambridge Institute of Public Health, and Health, Medicine & Society Cambridge.