The PublicHealth@Cambridge network is a multi-disciplinary community for public health research across Cambridge.

“Public health is the science and art of promoting and protecting the health and well-being of whole populations, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society.”

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UK Dementia prevalence figures decline over past 20 years

Results from two major cohort studies, led by the University of Cambridge and supported by the Medical Research Council, reveal that the number of people with dementia in the UK is substantially lower than expected because overall prevalence in the 65 and over age group has dropped.

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Literacy, not income, key to improving public health in India

New research from Professor Larry King and colleagues at the University of Cambridge Department of Sociology suggests that public health in developing countries may be better improved by reducing illiteracy rather than raising average income. Pro-market policies for developing countries have long been based on the belief that increasing average income is key to improving […]

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Funding opportunities from the NIHR

The NIHR Public Health Research (PHR) Programme funds research into evaluation of public health interventions, looking at benefits, costs, acceptability and wider impacts of non-NHS interventions intended to improve the health of the public and reduce health inequalities. The Programme is multi-disciplinary and covers a broad range of interventions that improve public health. Commissioned calls […]

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Over simplification leads to mixed messages

An editorial in Nature (22nd May 2013) highlights the risks of  oversimplifying science for the sake of a clear public-health message. The article cites sodium intake, extreme exercise, and obesity as examples in which the mixed messages from scientific research confuse the public and medical professionals and can undermine public health efforts, and argues that using […]

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PublicHealth@Cambridge Research Network Launched

The University of Cambridge public health research Network PublicHealth@Cambridge was formally launched on Monday March 25th 2013, drawing together expertise in all aspects of population health across the arts, humanities, social and physical sciences, technology and biomedicine. At the Sainsbury Laboratory in the University Botanical Gardens, more than 100 participants from around Cambridge gathered to […]

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Sean Hickin

‘Robust Hospitals’ film released

A University of Cambridge research project to devise and test refurbishment strategies to improve energy efficiency and resilience of NHS hospital buildings has released their key findings in the new ‘Robust Hospitals’ film. The NHS generates some 18 millions tons of carbon and carbon dioxide per annum, around 30% of public sector emissions, of which […]

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