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Money Talks credit Jason Mrachina via flickrHealth Economics @ Cambridge is the network for everyone interested in health, economics or the prioritization of health care resources.

Health economics in Cambridge is growing. This is a network open to all those interested in health and economics in any capacity across the Cambridge area. It includes health economists, epidemiologists, statisticians, health services researchers, clinicians and those simply with an interest in the economics of health and health care.

Traditionally, health economic research in Cambridge has been undertaken by many different actors. Health Economics @ Cambridge (HE@Cam) was created to bring together everyone in the field into one network. We welcome anyone with ties to the Cambridge area who is working with, or simply interested in, health economics in a broad sense.

We currently meet twice a term for seminars which also provide an opportunity to present suggestions for future work or work in progress, foster new collaborations with colleagues across the university, and gain critical appraisal of new ideas. The network is coordinated by Ed Wilson (Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research and Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit) and David Wästlund (Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research).

What is Health Economics?

Health Economics is the field of study concerned with how scarce resources are allocated both to and within the health care sector in order to inform equitable and efficient decision making. Health economics also encompasses the broader determinants of health and the behaviour and interaction of individuals, health care providers (both public and private), governments and society.

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    • European Conference on Health Economics 2018, Maastricht

      11 – 14 July 2018, 12th European Conference on Health Economics, Maastricht, the Netherlands Dear health economists, We are pleased to announce the keynote speakers for the upcoming European Conference on Health Economics (EUHEA) in Maastricht, from the 11th of July until the 14th of July 2018. Keynote speakers: Werner …
    • Winter HESG meeting 2018

      The winter meeting of the Health Economics Study Group (HESG) will take place 10 – 12 January 2018, University of London, UK. More information and registration is available here. Key dates Registration and abstract submission opens: 1st August 2017 Deadline for abstract submission: 25th September 2017 (note changed deadline) Notification …

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