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Welcome to the Public Health at Cambridge Funding Hub.

Here you’ll find a guide to the main research funders offering grants or fellowships to UK researchers in areas relevant to public and population health research. You can use the search below to find particular types of funding scheme or simply to browse the full list of public health research funding.

Specific calls or one-off competitions from funders in addition to their regular opportunities are advertised in the right hand sidebar and listed on the Funding Calls page. It is possible to set up an RSS feed to this Calls page by clicking on the RSS link at the top of the page (please note – Chrome browser requires addition of the RSS Subscription Extension).

This website is continually being expanded to include additional funders. We welcome feedback on other public health research funding opportunities that you would like to see included, please do so on the form at the bottom of this page.

NB: Funding not considered relevant to public and population health research may have been excluded from the funder descriptions but you can click through to the funder’s own website to seek funding opportunities in other areas. 

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If you’re looking for a particular type of public health research funding opportunity, you may search across all funders here – please either select your funding type from the drop-down selector, or enter a keyword in the free text field below.

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