• Profile picture of Jean Adams
    Dr Jean Adams
    University of Cambridge
    CEDAR/MRC Epidemiology Unit
    Population level approaches to promoting healthy diets. Food policy. Socio-economic inequalities in health behaviours, particularly diet.
  • Profile picture of Amy Ahern
    Dr Amy Ahern
    MRC Human Nutrition Research
    Eating Behaviour and Weight Management
  • Profile picture of Faraz Ahmed
    Mr Faraz Ahmed
    University of Cambridge
    Public Health & Primary Care
    I am currently working on a Medical Research Council PhD studentship focusing on exploring differences in patient experience of general practice (GP) care among ethnic ... [more]
  • Profile picture of Nicola Ainsworth
    Mrs Nicola Ainsworth
    University of Cambridge
    MPhil thesis will be on risk factors for late diagnosis of HIV in East Anglia.
  • Profile picture of Corinna Alberg
    Ms Corinna Alberg
    University of Cambridge
    Global health and developing research capacity in Africa
  • Profile picture of AndreeaCetateanu
    Ms AndreeaCetateanu
    My broad research interest is on the environmental influences on population health. My PhD has been focusing on the associations between food environments, dietary behaviours ... [more]
  • Profile picture of Sabrina Anjara
    Ms Sabrina Anjara
    University of Cambridge
    Institute of Public Health
    Sabrina Anjara is a PhD student at the Institute of Public Health and the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from Indonesia. Her research focuses on the ... [more]
  • Profile picture of Takehiro Aoki
    Dr Takehiro Aoki
    University of Cambridge
    The Judge Business School
    To understand the future of the healthcare industry.
  • Profile picture of Shima Assar
    Dr Shima Assar
    LC-MS/MS method development for determination for vitamin D metabolites
  • Profile picture of Andy Atkin
    Dr Andy Atkin
    University of Cambridge
    UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)
    Physical activity and sedentary behavior in children and adolescents
  • Profile picture of Catherine Atkins
    Mrs Catherine Atkins
    University of Cambridge
    Department of Oncology
    I am not a researcher. I will be working with Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald on the Early Detection of Cancer theme as a communications manager and ... [more]
  • Profile picture of Rosa Attwood
  • Profile picture of farrukh ayub
    Mr farrukh ayub
    Public Health England
    KIT East
    Would like to join the group with keen interest in software technologies and public health.
  • Profile picture of Aytalina Azarova
    Mrs Aytalina Azarova
    University of Cambridge
    Differentials in mortality by sex, education and SEP. Health outcomes of policy decisions. Mortality in post-Communist counties.
  • Profile picture of Mubashir Banday
    Mr Mubashir Banday
    Hospital Administration
    Reproductive and Child Health Services
  • Profile picture of Narinder Bansal
    Dr Narinder Bansal
    University of Cambridge
    Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit
    Cardiovascular epidemiology, chronic disease epidemiology, life course epidemiology, early life origins, maternal and child health, mental health, global health., health inequalities.
  • Profile picture of Mason Barnard
    Mr Mason Barnard
    University of Cambridge
    Health Geography
    I'm conducting quantitative geographical research on the long term psychosocial health of historically disadvantaged and marginalised populations. Currently, my focus is on Irish Catholics in ... [more]
  • Profile picture of Jessica Barrett
    Dr Jessica Barrett
    University of Cambridge
    Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit
    I am a statistician working at the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit in the Department for Public Health and Primary Care. My research interests include meta-analysis, survival ... [more]
  • Profile picture of John Battersby
    Dr John Battersby
    Public Health England
    Knowledge and Intelligence Team (East)
    My role in the KIT is mainly focussed on application of knowledge and includes leading on primary care information and sustainable development metrics. I have ... [more]
  • Profile picture of Peter Baxter
    Dr Peter Baxter
    University of Cambridge
    Natural disaster mitigation (volcanicwas eruptions)