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John Clarkson, Deputy Chair of the PublicHealth@Cambridge Network, is first author

This manifesto attempts to summarize the Sustainable Health Symposium that was held in Cambridge in July, 2017. The symposium included conversations on the transformative shift from sickness to wellness, from products to services, towards innovative and frugal technological solutions that support people, communities, the planet, and a new health operating system.

This report explores how to organise our research environment to generate and translate the evidence needed to improve the health of the public as a whole.

This workshop sought to assess the type of evidence required to justify public health regulations, especially when they are likely to harm commercial interests, and how such evidence should be presented, both for policy purposes and with regards to the law.

The PublicHealth@Cambridge and CSaP Policy Challenge on Ageing was set up to investigate ways to develop a future vision of what an ageing society might look like, and the benefits to society.

The three main themes identified were:

  1. Data collection around health behaviours;
  2. Additional methodology training for graduate students/early career researchers;
  3. Opportunities for networking through PublicHealth@Cambridge to aid methodological development to solve data challenges in public health research.


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