The PublicHealth@Cambridge network is building a multi-disciplinary community for public health research across Cambridge.

“Public health is the science and art of promoting and protecting the health and well-being of whole populations, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society.”

2015 Network Showcase, 8th June

The 2015 PublicHealth@Cambridge Network showcase event is taking place on Monday 8th June at the Kaetsu Centre, Murray Edwards College. Register now to secure your free place at this event and submit your abstract for a lightning talk or poster.

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Fast food takeaways grow more rapidly in poorest areas

The number of takeaway food outlets has risen substantially over the past two decades, with a large increase seen in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage, according to a study carried out across Norfolk by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

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Pig head credit Balint Foeldesi via Fickr

Pig-borne disease jumped into humans when rearing practices changed

The most virulent strains of Streptococcus suis, the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in adult humans in parts of southeast Asia and in pigs around the world, are likely to have evolved and become widespread in pigs at the same time as changes in rearing practices, according to research by Cambridge researchers as part of an international consortium published today in Nature Communications.

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Should breast implants come with a health warning?

Newspaper reports suggest that France may be considering health warnings – or even an outright ban – on breast implants, following a cancer scare. Should women be concerned? Dr Suzanne Turner from the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, looks at the truth behind the headlines.

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Healthcare at the touch of a finger

A pocket-sized fingerprint scanner that links individuals’ fingerprints to their health records has been created by a team of students and has the potential for widespread health benefits, according to a new study. In an article in the peer-review journal Global Health: Science and Practice, four students – three of them Gates Cambridge Scholars – […]

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Fifteen new breast cancer genetic risk ‘hot-spots’ revealed

Scientists have discovered 15 previously unknown genetic ‘hot-spots’ that can increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, according to research published today in Nature Genetics.

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