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Scientists discover two repurposed drugs that arrest neurodegeneration in mice

A team of scientists who a few years ago identified a major pathway that leads to brain cell death in mice, have now found two drugs that block the pathway and prevent neurodegeneration. The drugs caused minimal side effects in the mice and one is already licensed for use in humans, so is ready for […]

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Into the future for end of life care design

The first two years of the five year Marie Curie Design to Care Programme, launched 25 April 2017, brings together experts from palliative care, engineering, design and social sciences to address the complex palliative care needs of the UK’s ageing population. The programme will develop a new approach to designing personalised care for people at the […]

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Study identifies hundreds of genes that influence timing of puberty and alter risk of several cancers

The largest genomic analysis of puberty timing in men and women conducted to date has identified 389 genetic signals associated with puberty timing, four times the number that were previously known.   The study, published today in Nature Genetics and led by researchers from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit at the University of […]

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Public attitudes towards end-of-life care in progressive neurological illness are conflicted, study reveals

Public attitudes in UK and USA reveal support both for life-sustaining interventions and for measures to enable peaceful death in progressive neurological illness such as dementia, according to a survey carried out by researchers at the University of Cambridge. The study found that one in six people believes that measures must be taken to sustain […]

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High fat, high sugar diet during pregnancy ‘programs’ for health complications in mother and child

Eating a high-fat, high-sugar diet when pregnant “programs” both mother and child for potential health complications later in life by disrupting metabolic processes within the mother’s body, researchers have found. Eating a high fat and high sugar diet when pregnant leads to metabolic impairments in both the mother and her unborn child, which may “program” […]

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New stem cell method produces millions of human brain and muscle cells in days

  Scientists at the University of Cambridge and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have created a new technique that simplifies the production of human brain and muscle cells – allowing millions of functional cells to be generated in just a few days. The results published today in Stem Cell Reports open the door to producing […]

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